A little about me.

I was born and raised in South Africa, and I studied Mechanical Engineering and Design. I came to the United States in 1999 to work for Ford Motor Company as a CAD Designer. After my work visa ended, I decided to stay here and further my education. Due to the circumstance outlined in "My Story", I went back to school and changed my course of study. I earned four associate degrees, one of them being a Mental Health/Social Work degree. Then I obtained a bachelor’s in psychology, followed by a master’s in counseling and thereafter another master’s in education, specializing in Higher Education Student Affairs. I am passionate about helping students, by providing them with the guidance and direction they may need, to help aid in their growth and development. I also use my personal story to help inspire as many people as I can. Despite my daily struggles with chronic illness, I have not given up. Even though I am currently not employed, I try my best to help as many students as I can, and only if my health permits. I help individuals as a Life Coach, with coping strategies regarding chronic illness, mental health,  and academic issues.


You can see my welcome video, and other videos by using the icon link below to my YouTube channel.