Published on 19 January 2024 at 14:00

You will never know your full strength, until you are tested on so many levels, and you are unable to count the times when you are able to muster the energy to muddle through life. The strength I am referring to is not your physical strength but your mental strength. You can have the best physique full of muscles, but without mental strength you have nothing. I have experienced overwhelming adversities with chronic illness, and I have overcome many obstacles and challenges along my journey. My mental strength helped me to overcome the obstacles, and work through the challenges I faced. My family and friends played a vital role in helping me fulfill my goals. There are times when you will feel down, stressed, or even depressed, your will to survive, and your determination to succeed will dictate the path you take.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

- Mahatma Gandhi

When you are able to take on the weight of life's challenges, and the pain of life's journey, you can genuinely appreciate the strength within yourself. We all have the ability to tap into that mental strength when we need it the most. I fight the fight, for I know my plight. It is important not to give up the fight, especially when you understand that you may have a difficult journey ahead. It is necessary to understand that if at some point we all need help, it is ok to ask for help, and seek the help you need the most. A dedicated support system of family and friends can serve as your pillar of strength. We all need to be picked up, or sometimes a helpful proverbial kick in the ass can be so helpful. Simple words of encouragement help bolster your internal strength and help you re-energize your mindset.

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. "

- Christopher Reeve

Sometimes we may think we are weak, and we unintentionally create hurdles in our minds that prevent ourselves from moving forward, or place limitations upon ourselves. It takes hard work and perseverance to overcome those obstacles and challenges. It is best to challenge oneself and follow through with realistic goals. The mind and body connection is unmistakable, and the ability to use the power of the mind can surprise you. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, hope never dies, unless you or someone else creates its demise. The same goes for your internal strength, you are aware of your own limitations, so do not limit yourself or do not let anyone limit you. Who said life is easy anyway? We are stronger than we think we are, just do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We have the strength within us to do the unexpected and sometimes the impossible. After all the joy of succeeding is the greatest gift of achievement.

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Don Nichols
6 months ago

Great reminders: in a nation which teaches that things should be easy, a note that says some are difficult is valuable.

Jay Ruthnam
6 months ago

Very well written keeping us focused and timely good quotes to enhance memorising it is inner strength we all can tap into.
The various survival stories we come across when confronted by doom and gloom, emphasised the points you make.
Life Is Easy was discounted by Buddha and taking the first letters of each word describes its value Thank you